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100 Thematic WordSearch Puzzles JUNIOR


John F. Chabo, “100 Thematic WordSearch Puzzles JUNIOR"
National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication | 2003  | 320 pages | PDF | 6,5 Mb

100 Thematic Word Search Puzzles Junioris a reproducible book of, as the title suggests, 100word search puzzles.The Junior in the title implies that the book will work with a younge raudience, but it also means the puzzles will work with language learners at a more beginnerlevel. Word search puzzles are the ones where you are given a list of words. You are alsogiven a grid full of letters. You must search the grid to find all the words from the list. Thewords camouflaged on the grid go in various directions: left to right, right to left, up and down,and diagonally in any direction.Each unit is based on a theme. Each unit has 10 words to be studied.An illustration is given for each vocabulary word. There is also a space provided for thestudent to practice writing the words.There are two word search puzzles in each unit. One of the puzzles features the vocabularywords alone on the grid, without any extra letters. The second puzzle has the vocabularywords hidden in a grid full of letters.There is a complete Answer Key.


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